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Design / assessment of structures

3D EAU validates the design of hydraulic structures prior to construction, in order to ensure proper functioning and to optimise construction costs. 
3D EAU also leverages its expertise to assess the functioning of existing hydraulic structures, with the aim of optimising them. 

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Overflow monitoring

Due to regulatory requirements for spillage monitoring, combined sewer overflows must be equipped with instrumentation, even though they were not initially designed for this. CFD modelling offers the possibility of doing so without significantly altering their configuration.


Using CFD modelling, the flow rate discharged to the receiving environment is calculated:

  • Accurately: validation of the sensor’s location, numerical calibration of the head-discharge relationships and quantification of the associated uncertainty.

  • Economically: little construction work is involved, and non-contact water level sensors are used.

  • Operationally: the water level measurement system is easy to check.

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Diagnostic Permanent

Flow rate monitoring

Flow rate monitoring  is essential to diagnose the operation of sanitation networks on a day-to-day basis with the help of measurement points.

3D EAU’s hydraulic expertise helps determine the best possible positioning of these measurement points in a network as well as the measurement technique best suited to the context, in order to evaluate transiting flows with:

  • Accuracy: validation of the sensor location, numerical calibration of the head-discharge relationship and evaluation of the associated uncertainty

  • Savings: little work and use of non-contact level sensors

  • Practicality: the water level measurement is easily controllable operationally

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