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The floating debris trap



During rainy periods in particular, sewage and rainwater networks are likely to transport floating macro-waste which sometimes ends up in the receiving environment.


The 3D EAU solution

Use of a floating siphon that mechanically follows the water level to retain debris.

Configuration du piège à flottants - HYD
Piège à flottants - 3D EAU - HYDRASS.png

Upstream view

Piège à flottants VUE - 3D EAU - HYDRASS

Downstream view

Video showing a product in operation (in French): 


Strong points

  • Mechanical system with no power requirement

  • No impact on the network's day-to-day functioning

  • Neglectable impact on the hydraulic capacity of the structure for heavy rains

Charte graphique 3D EAU.bmp

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