Trapping mineral materials: Carriage trap  



Trapping and storing only the solid elements transported with the effluents in order to avoid the inconveniences caused by the accumulation of organic matter, grease and flotsam in a traditional sand chamber.

Piège à sable, piège à cailloux, dessableur, chambre à sable
Piège à sable, piège à cailloux, dessableur, chambre à sable

Nuisances couramment observées dans une chambre à sable, un dessableur ou un piège à cailloux : rétention de graisse, formation d'H2S, remise en suspension des particules piégées  


Disposer d'une solution plus compacte et performante que les chambres à sables, les dessableurs et les pièges à cailloux traditionnels en ciblant les particules à piéger.

The 3D EAU solution

Trapping of mineral matter using a calibrated opening to minimise resuspension without promoting grease flotation and float accumulation.

Fights against the accumulation of organic matter, grease and floaters


Optimises the size and cost of the storage facility with better flow management


Prevents the re-suspension of stored solids

Piéger les matières minérale

Carry out a diagnostic study of solid transport in order to understand the origin of the deposits and the conditions necessary for their resuspension.

When this solution seems relevant, re-suspend the settled matter using regular flushing in order to minimise deposits and therefore the cleaning operations by directing the deposits to specific extraction points.

Proposed general methodology

Phase 1 - Feasibility study

Taking into account the real hydraulic environment of the network


Characterisation of the hydrodynamics and solid transport in the network, good integration of the equipment in the existing environment


Possible optimisation of an existing sand chamber by adapting a transit channel to it

3DEAU, autosurveillance, modélisation 3D

Phase 2 - Design and implementation

Design, manufacture and assembly in the workshop

Phase 3 - Delivery

Delivery on site

Assistance with commissioning



Charte graphique 3D EAU.bmp
  • Does not promote the flotation of grease and the accumulation of floaters

  • Guarantees the trapping and storage of solid matter without resuspension

  • Limits operating constraints

  • Optimises the amount of work​

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