Ongoing diagnosis: Management of collected/transported flows and discharges into the natural environment

Arrêté du 21 juillet 2015 - Diagnostic permanent


Implementation of Article 12 of the Order of 21 July 2015 relating to sanitation systems (Article 9 of the Order of 31 July 2020):

- Continuous knowledge of the functioning,
- Prevent or identify malfunctions,
- Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the actions undertaken,
- To operate in a logic of continuous improvement.

Diagnostic permanent des réseaux d'assainissement

The 3D EAU solution

The proposed methodology relates to the permanent diagnosis required in terms of the management of collected/transported flows and discharges into the natural environment: installation of metrological equipment and treatment/analysis/evaluation of the data obtained.

1 - Field surveys


2 - Definition of a campaign of measures to be carried out


3 - Rainfall analysis


4 - Analysis of rainfall and flow data

5 - Comparative analysis


As part of the permanent diagnosis, 3D EAU provides hydraulic expertise on sites identified as "to be equipped" by the local authority, the operator and/or the service provider's design office, in order to recommend a measurement solution in accordance with the expectations of the regulations and the technical guide for implementing the permanent diagnosis published by ASTEE, which is available via this link.

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Mise en oeuvre du diagnostic permanent
Charte graphique 3D EAU.bmp
  • Taking into account the context: analysis of available data,

  • Hydraulic expertise of each measuring point,

  • Technical analysis of several scenarios: accuracy, reliability, ...

  • Economic analysis of several scenarios: investment, use of sensors and data, ...

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