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Water level sensor control

Vérification de la mesure de hauteur


Water depth sensor datums and values must be frequently checked and re-calibrated if necessary in order to ensure an accurate measurement.

Le système de contrôle des dispositifs d'autosurveillancege2.png

The 3D EAU solution

Our device allows for easy verification of the water depth measurement in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Our device consists of:

- Commercially available products:  leveling rod, tripod, cross line laser
- 3D EAU products: target, supports for the leveling rod and the cross line laser


PPt Nico.png

Measurement verification protocol

The target is aligned with the invert level of the overflow structure using the cross line laser in order to check the datum. The leveling rod is vertically translated to verify intermediate depths.


On-site application

Contrôle du dispositif d'autosurveillance.png

Measurement sensor to check

Control of the depth measurement



Icone validée (2).png

For occasional use, a standard version of the sensor control device is presented in the video below

Icone validée (2).png

For a more frequent use, a premium version of the sensor control device can be seen in action in the video below 


Strong points

  • Simple and robust device

  • Control from the ground level

  • No maintenance

  • Can be used on multiple sites

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