Design: Design validation of a drop shaft using a 3D hydraulic model



Ensuring the proper operation of a planned structure and optimising the implementation costs for the project owner using a CFD model.


The 3D EAU solution

Visualising the structure operation in its hydraulic environment

Assessing the operation and proposing improvements

Simulating scenarios to optimise the structure

3D EAU, modélisation hydraulique 3D, puits de chute, plan de l'ouvrage.png
3DEAU, modélisation 3D, puits de chute, modèle numérique.png

Plans of the structure

3deau, modelisation CFD, bassin, Résultats de simulation.png

Numerical model

Simulation results



  • Analysis prior to 3D hydraulic modelling, to achieve a preliminary optimisation of the structure

  • Assessment of the structure’s operation, conducted by experts in collaboration with the company in charge of construction

  • Simulation of optimisation scenarios of the construction or operating costs, using simple civil engineering adjustments

Charte graphique 3D EAU.bmp