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Overflow monitoring: evaluation of spillage from a major combined sewer overflow

Arrêté du 21 juillet 2015 - Mesure du débit déversé


Continuous measurement of the volume discharged by a geometrically or hydraulically complex combined sewer overflow

Modélisation hydraulique 3D des points de déversement

The 3D EAU solution

Evaluation of the overflow rate, using non contact water level measurement and CFD modelling of the flows
Determination of a site-specific
head-discharge relationship considering its geometric and hydraulic properties with a quantified uncertainty
Visualisation of the structure in operation in its hydraulic environment, in order to
understand the flow and determine the most appropriate position for the sensor



  • Improved understanding of how the CSO works

  • Increasing the reliability of the instrumentation, with simpler and safer maintenance requirements

  • Cost optimisation of investment and operation (savings ≈ 4 k€/year/system)

  • Flexible model for easy evaluation of the effects of geometric optimisations of the CSO on the flow

  • Solutions for complex hydraulic problems

Charte graphique 3D EAU.bmp

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