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3D modelling at the service of water and the environment



The service offered by 3DEAU is a convergence between innovation and operational support. Our know-how is based on the scientific and technical expertise developed at the ICube laboratory and at ENGEES, the National School for Water and Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg.

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Your satisfaction is our priority; we offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our experts will provide you with technical and scientific support throughout the duration of your project.


Reliable and neutral

Every study is documented in a rigorous, instructive report detailing the rationale for the proposed solutions. Operational follow-up is offered, in order to help you implement the proposed solution.



Investments that are justified and optimised prior to implementation: let’s work together to reduce our waste and protect the environment.

Who are we? 

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Clients, completed projects, partners, and more  They trust us.

Frequently asked questions

Need administrative or technical information? All the answers to your questions are here.

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